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Accounts & Patient Information

Private Health Insurance

We will verify your insurance prior to your admission.

You may find that your health fund doesn’t fully cover your stay, and that an out of pocket balance may occur. Estimated out of pocket expenses are payable on admission.

You’re not required to pay the portion of your account that is covered by your health fund, as we’ll claim benefits on your behalf.

Self Insured Patients

Self insured patients are required to pay the estimated hospital account at the time of admission.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) patients will have their account directly sent to the DVA for payment. DVA patients are responsible for calls made to mobile, long distance (STD and international (ISD) numbers. Local calls are free.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation patients need to make arrangements to have their claim approved prior to admission.

Other Charges

After you leave hospital, you may receive bills for other charges incurred during your stay that are not the responsibility of the hospital. They are therefore charged separately, and may include fees relating to: 

  • Your treating doctor
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Allied health